Uncompromising Me

I yam what I yam!

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How Did Dolly the Sheep Do It?

I’m only one person.

How is it that I used to have 9 lives, stretching myself across multiple channels to be everything for everyone?


I’m tired! Like physically exhausted from people asking me to do things. Expectations. Wants. Needs.

I expected to have more money by now.

I want more time and another one of me.

I need a drink.

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Everything is interesting to someone. That thing that you think is bad is probably just not for you. Tools don’t matter very much, all you need is a sharp knife, but everyone has their own mise en place. If you need an analogy, use an animal.
Frank Chimero’s advice for graphic design students (and pretty much everyone else too). (via creativesomething)

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Bulleit to the Brain…and liver

- I should have done laundry tonight.
- Why am I still awake?
- My face is slightly numb.
- This girl on House Hunters has serious first world problems. SHUT UP! But hmmm, let’s go to Kiev, Montevideo, Hong Kong, etc.
- I’m thinking about you. I’m glad a connection I thought might have been over-exaggerated was confirmed today. I knew you.
- I’m thinking about you too but I don’t know why.
- My beautiful godson thinks I’m an adult. Little does that sweet boy realize…
- I have to be productive tomorrow.
- One of your hugs would be amazing right now; accompanied by that smile.
- One of your hugs would be amazing as well.
- I definitely didn’t forget about your hugs. I want one of those as well.
- How much is a heating blanket because apparently I need a lot of comforting and a doughnut and booze only does so much.
- “There’s feeling in the air just like a Friday afternoon…”
- I’m sorry.