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How does one change things from looking good on paper to being successful in reality?

What is the value?

Can I deliver? Am I equipped?

What are the consequences of failure?

What happens to me if this doesn’t work out?

Short answer: Several known and practical (not fun) things; others more psychological.

Long answer: cue volcano erupting and a small town being demolished.

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why is this so funny

I can’t breathe

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I want to throw a tantrum

I feel like I’ve stacked up experience and contacts, paired with education and professionalism, yet people not on equal footing get WAY more opportunities, money, respect, etc.

Can I make 30-45k more than i do now just because?

Of course not, because at this point i don’t even have a title that reflects my duties and expectations. I get we’re a small company, but there’s no excuses.

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You would have LOVED the show tonight. I’m going to go on a ledge and say you were a Broken Social Scene fan. I hope I’m right.

I hope you know you were thought of fondly tonight. I danced a lot; for you too.

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Meet Melissa from BCL Fitness

Until about five years ago, Melissa worked in the music industry for the majority of her career. Moving up the ladder from her internship to a director’s position, she was even featured in Billboard Magazine’s “Top 30 under 30” Executives in 2009. Despite traveling the world and interacting with high profile celebrities and executives, her health interfered with her enjoyment of her successes. She was 300 pounds, walking with a cane, ignoring a food addiction, and feeling miserable. After her weight loss surgery, she took back control of her life through working with a nutritionist, facing her personal demons and improving her relationship with food. Her healthier choices gave her a new lease on life and five years later she left Corporate America to live a life she loved everyday and that was living a life service. 

How did she decide to pursue a career in fitness over music?

“It became clear that being of service was my mission in life. I want to help people get out of their own way and transform their lives because the greatest gift to me thus far has been that transformation and the support that surrounded me to make that change.  I want to pay it forward.”

Her dedication to leading a healthier lifestyle led her to create her company BCL Fitness (Believe.Commit.Live).

What does she do with BCL Fitness?

“I do boot camps all over New York as well as personal training,  corporate team building boot camps and life coaching. My bootcamps will give you the motivation and tools you need to connect your mind  and body to your goals. You’ll not only maximize your cardiovascular health, strength, power, and endurance but also light a fire under the diligence needed to live a life you love!  Ill make your body sweat, you’ll make your soul sweat!  I believe you have to work on what I like to call your “soul muscles” just as much as you work on your physical muscles.  If you do the work inside and out the body you want will show up. BCL Fitness is my three step approach to self -empowerment towards any goal you have for yourself. BELIEVE in yourself first.  COMMIT to a realistic and attainable action plan.  LIVE starting now.  I always say “act as you want to feel.”  The day I decided to be a trainer I was a trainer, there was no someday there was only NOW!  At a BCL Bootcamp,  we’re not only running, lunging,  jumping, bear crawling, and doing pushups but we’re also setting intentions, clear commitments, declarations, and we’re meditating.  We are putting into the universe in front of a community of support what we want for ourselves and then moving it into fruition, even if sometimes that means we do a whole lot of Burpees.” 

 Along with getting a good workout, she wants to make sure that her clients are creating healthier changes in their mental and spiritual health.

How does she focus on other aspects of overall wellness?

She uses interactive challenges like her 30 day self-love challenge to keep her clients engaged in their own overall wellness. She draws from her own experience as inspiration for community challenges.

“When I was in the midst of my whole transformation a few years ago, I  had to find out what I loved about myself. After I lost all the weight, I didn’t know who I was looking at in the mirror. I had to evaluate what do I love about myself and how do I build my self-love. Every day I would look in the mirror and find something new to love. I built who I am now based off of that. I wanted to share that experience with people that may be struggling with self-love. I believe that the only way you can live the life  you want is to love yourself first. If you make room to love yourself first and make that a priority, the rest will come.  I wanted to open up to my community and say let’s do this together, let’s find out what we love about ourselves and share that with each other and discover new things. I want to provide a space for people to realize that being vulnerable and talking about how you feel is okay and you have help out there.  I’m a gladiator in the practice of love and kindness but if your not keeping it real with yourself and it’s getting you in your own way, I’m going to call you out on it. Self -love allows for that.  Being vulnerable is sexy. There is great strength in keep it real and moving forward.”

What do her clients have to say about BCL Fitness?

“One of my clients Sue has been coming to bootcamp for over two years now. She sent me a note recently and said thanks for such a great class. It’s not often that there’s a space where we can challenge our bodies and also challenge our mind and souls and really push ourselves to be the best version of who we are at our core. This really elated me because it made me feel like wow, she got it. She got the mission of  BCL Fitness.  One of the many reasons I love my job is seeing people towards the middle of the class when they are starting to get a little tired but then all of sudden we do an exercise called “Claim it or Leave It” (this is where a client will say out loud something they need to claim for themselves or leave behind in class to get them closer to their goals)  and all of sudden the energy shifts.”

"They are no longer tired because they choose to empower the rest of the workout to be exactly as they want it to be, EXTRAORDINARY.  In that moment they make a decision not just about what they are going to do after the workout but right then and there to make themselves feel good and see how much they are capable of, how they can create the possibility of being powerful when they thought maybe they couldn’t be.  Yes,  that’s what makes me get up everyone morning, seeing a client’s energy shift and then explode into greatness. I discovered that in my own fitness journey.  After years of not standing up for what a great person I could be, exercise taught me how to.  Every workout I got a bit better, I got stronger and faster.  Fitness made me feel I could look at life in wonder and invent any possibility for myself. I went from four years ago only being able to walk on a treadmill for five minutes to completing the Chicago Olympic Triathlon this past August. Fitness both physical and spiritual shows you how great you are every time you practice, every single time.  It is gratifying to now be able to spend every day of my life helping others see the power of their bodies inside and out.” 

At the end of the day, Melissa admits that since starting BCL Fitness, she believes that she’s found a truly fulfilling career:

“I’m much more full in my body, mind and soul now than I ever was. It’s the most fulfilling thing that I’ve ever done with my life. I share everything about myself, I’m an open book. I always promise I will share every fear I have, every triumph, every failure, every bad and good day, and every tool I have as I continue to create a life I love.  If I can help inspire one person to believe (even if just a mustard seed of belief) they too can successfully live a life they want and take action on that belief, then I did my job.”

That woman above is one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met (inside and out) and I’m so proud of her journey; where she’s been, where she is, and where she’s going. I’m glad to call her a friend.

How many of your friends have their face on a poster in a retail store in Brooklyn, that’s not on a Wanted sign? :)

For all things fitness, wellness, and lifestyle goodies check out BCL Fitness on Facebook and Instagram. Website coming soon.

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